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This webpage is designed and launched just for sharing some of my thoughts, experiences, interactions, activities etc. All the write ups are outcome of interaction with the society, friends, the world at large, reading books, thinking on the issues from different perspectives. It does not include anything that has
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Always looking for something new is the Common basic human nature. This is what made many Scientists invent new technologies that have made our lives easier. In look for new thoughts and principles new dimensions have been created in our social, political, and spiritual lives. Things are still on and changing. In the name of change people, sometimes tend to forget very basic rule of science that we never create something new but just modify old things from one form to another! On the other hand while looking for new and different things we sometimes tend to forget what we already have with us. Things we don’t have are more valuable than what we already have. There is another tendency of human psychology that we want to do things or solve problems easiest way possible than the best way possible. This is true to almost every individual excepting a hardful of great achievers who strive for the best and some more adventurous people.

I am trying to see relevance of the above mentioned basic psychological matters in to personal and career development issues. Many people mostly youth in todays’ competitive, expensive to live, world are frustrated of not being able to find a right path and destination of their career. They infact, need a productive and paying work and career to survive and grow. Definitions of the common terms education career, life, success, happiness, development, etc. are changing. Value system is also changing. Change in all these things have made young people more confused as to what to and where to start from and reach to. When I sit face to face with young people to counsel on their education and career and entrepreneurship issues I see them so desperate. It seems like they left their weapon back home in hurry to join the war of compulsion and now neither they can go back home and bring it or borrow someone else’s. They seem desperate and helpless. They just know that they need to excel progress, go far, reach destination, climb the peak, make career, life, earn money, gain position and fame.
Very few of them know WH Question side of it. They rarely think how to do it, what resources do they have, who is their guide and mentor, who will support them, how far they can and should go, why they want to do that  or go there, where they are now and will they be tomorrow how to get there, who they are, what is their strengths and weaknesses? Etc out of Various dimensions of WH questions that need to be addressed to build career of a youth, lets consider ’WHAT’ as the most important part of it. The key term WHAT has various dimensions again like what a person wants to do? What is his strength? What is her weakness? What are the tools being used in achieving that goal? What problems might she/he face in doing so? What opportunities a person is getting? What resources he/she is working on? What exactly a person should start with in the beginning? What does she/he have with her/him that can be further used to develop the way they want to? These are the basic question a beginner must search the answers for. When he/she is fairly satisfied with the answers of these questions then only he/she should move ahead with further activities.

  1. Knowledge and information: is considered as most valuable assets in todays’ economy.
  2. Health and Fitness: both physical and mental is a very big asset. A healthy person can do anything he/she wants to.
  3. People/Network: if we have people around us who are ready to work for us support you, guide you, comment on you. You don’t need anything else.
  4. Art: of any kind is also an asset. Art in the form of fine art, visual art, performing art, or any other one can be polished packaged and sold to people around the world since it has no language bar.
  5. Skill: may be soft or hard one makes a person of use. That skill must be further developed and expanded with a specific purpose.
  6. Education: is meant to change one’s life.  Its definition is changing with time. It gives people ways to see the worlds and themselves with clearer perspective. It also helps people to earn their livelihood in a better way.
  7. Properties: are hardware’s that need software to make best use of it. They must be used for further development than keeping idle.
  8. Leadership: is a quality not everybody has leadership alone. If rightly used can lead a person to the top of success.
  9. Goodwill/Trust: from the people other than whom you know is a great asset of mankind. It must be used continuously. It’s not a bank balance but an insurance policy.
  10. Money: is of course a powerful tool. It can be used to buy other useful tools that can be used to make career or future. Money itself can earn money.
  11. Writing: one of the special skills that help the loossessor go higher.
  12. Face/beauty: gives people initial entry level advantage. It can be used in a positive way to influence people to make them agree on your any proposal. External beauty backed by internal one works the best.
  13. Preaching/speaking: includes teaching, training, mentoring, counseling etc. some people have in born capacity to do these activities.
  14. Ideas: some people are very creative in developing useful business or other ideas that can be used by self or sold to others.
  15. Others: there may be many such talents, skills, interest, capacity etc.

Whatever is the skill or feature or interest of ours? They are all assets. They are more like a machine or a weapon. We need to keep them in use, updated, sharpened, polished, shining, safe and secured. We should also upgrade our assets’ quality and performance. With the advancement in technology and market we must also do re engineering of the same. We must not underestimate our talents and skills. The comparative advantage we have must be well identified and packaged. It must further be developed in a planned way with target. It may sound immature, non professional or small thing to do in the beginning with due practice as per plan every skill gets its shape and size. It finally becomes a product with its name and utility. An amatured singer with continuous practice becomes a singing star. Of course, it takes time and concentration. I bet every individual is gifted with at least one great asset. Identify it right today and starting working with it.