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This webpage is designed and launched just for sharing some of my thoughts, experiences, interactions, activities etc. All the write ups are outcome of interaction with the society, friends, the world at large, reading books, thinking on the issues from different perspectives. It does not include anything that has
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Energy and its' source
Every living being is trying to live better life and it is more so with we human being. For this they do a lot of exercise and struggle. As Darwin's rule says finest and fittest will survive. We had energy to live and move. As a human being moving is very important. Without moving living has no meaning for our self. We always want to move ahead in terms of quantity, quality, size, number, time, physical, mental, economic, geographical, political, cultural, and social and so on. We set a goal and move ahead to achieve that goal. By the time we reach there we already get another goal to achieve. Such goals may be a further step of a previous goal or may a completely new/ fresh one. It may be a vertical or horizontal goal; there are always goals on mind. To move we need energy. Anything that helps us move ahead along our goals is called as energy. Energy drives us ahead and   further ahead along the goals. Like a train needs coal or electric power an aeroplane needs ATF, a car needs petrol or diesel, a ship needs fuel, a bicycle or a boat needs paddling as a source of energy to move ahead. We also need energy to drive our life. We need nutrition, calorie, protein etc. to maintain our livelihood. Of course they are the sources of energy that help us live and move. We live physically and also socially. If we can't live socially well living physically becomes painful. What we eat helps us just to live physically. There are many things that give us energy to live socially. We call them sources of energy.
Every one has some source of energy
Some people are healthy, some are functionally intelligent, some are rationally intelligent or some are emotionally intelligent, some have wealth and property, some have social network, some have access to power, some are members of elite/ reputed families, some have speaking power , some have listening power, some also have bearing / tolerating power, some can turn stones in to diamonds, some can work hard , some are handsome or beautiful, some are in highly influencing position, some are very good artists, some have seen the world and have a broader perspective of life, some are physically tough and strong, some have very good communication skills, some can invent, some can manage and some others can damage, some can keep things secret and some can spread a message very quick and fast. Like these there can be so many strengths with every one accepting any physically or mentally challenged persons. We all have at least one of them, or may be more than one in many cases.
We need some energy to live by
We all know that as we can't live physically without food and supplements we can't live socially without some energy. All the basic requirements or characteristics of a human being are supposed to be there with every one. Besides that, we also need to have some additional characteristics like ethics and code of conducts for a doctor or a lawyer or so as the case may be. Apart from this every individual generally has some specific type of source of energy. For example, a social worker lives with the energy generated from the 'respect or recognition' given by the society or community. A politician lives out of his/her public/members support or may be out of the scope of becoming a minister or a central committee leader. A businessman lives by his profit or increased networth. A sportsman lives with his fans' cheer up or medals. A writer lives with the praise of his reader.  All these are specific energy sources. At the same time they need to have basic ingredients like ethics etc.
Have at least one energy
Besides very basic foundation of human being every person needs to have at least one energy source to live by. Without any energy there is no life as such. We may live physically without food for a couple of days but not ever. Likewise, we can't live or survive without any energy source as mentioned above for a long time. If we attempt to do so, meaning trying to live without any energy source then we cease to survive or die socially in long run. Such energy helps us create our identity, label or brand of our self. Writer, minister, player, singer, teacher, leader, manager, designer, driver, cook are all our labels. All these labels are created out of energy. When such labels is again polished/ enriched with some characters we then gain our own brand.
Core and additional energy
As we know that without any energy we have no life in society, we must always work towards creating, developing and maintaining such energy. We need to evaluate ourselves what energy will we be able to create. In other words we need to conform what we better fit in. If we target a wrong fit, we will fail. Neither we will be able to create the energy we like to nor will we have any other energy. One energy, preferably the most suitable one is a must for every one. If we can add some more types in to our core energy, it is always desired. For example, if a politician has a huge people support and also has a very good knowledge it always pays. We need also to be cautious that additional energy is not contradictory in nature to the main energy. At the same time we should not compromise the main energy in the name of gaining additional energy.
Do not let your energy be counter productive
Energy works as constructor or destructor also. When energy matches to your personality type it works as constructor and you gain a quantum leap in your career and life. If the energy you have believed in or relied on is something a wrong fit then it will work as a destructor. You need to be very cautious about it. More in a case where you already have some suitable energy as your core and you still gain further energy as an additional one it may not be equally suitable or supportive to the core energy. For example, a good writer's energy is his word or creative power. He lives by this power. If he, for any reason, wants to earn lot of money and considers money as energy it may be contradictory and counterproductive to him/her. In the verge of making money or gaining money energy he/she might even lose the word or creativity energy. On the other hand he/she may not even be able to gain money energy at all. 
Shifting the energy at due point of time
Everything is dynamic in the world. Human being is the most dynamic amongst all in the world. This dynamism has made our survival possible despite many challenges coming up every time. Everything changes with time, so do we? Our knowledge, age, belief, health, economy, family, society, mind, wisdom everything changes with interaction with people, situation, environment, technology and objects and also passage of time. When we change our energy may need a change too. The things we fit in today may not be fitting tomorrow. For better living we need to read the change within ourselves and also find out the suitable energy type for that particular time. It doesn't mean everyone should change the energy type, but 'however' it will be wise for everyone to reconfirm the energy type every five (5) to ten (10) years. A professor can be a writer. An actor may become a movie director. A social worker may be politician or vise versa. A sports man may become a coach or an umpire. Here, question comes whether we should shift after we become unfit to one energy type or before that. It all depends up on person to person or type to type.