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This webpage is designed and launched just for sharing some of my thoughts, experiences, interactions, activities etc. All the write ups are outcome of interaction with the society, friends, the world at large, reading books, thinking on the issues from different perspectives. It does not include anything that has
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Every one whatever may be the age, vocation, or nationality wants to enjoy at every stage of life. However, level, sources, perceptions, impacts of such enjoyment differs, may differ. Whatever we do, at any time, is nothing but an act to get enjoyment. If not, it makes no sense of doing it. Enjoyment is eternal. It is inside out than outside in. However, the quarry or deposits of enjoyment inside us is like bag of gun powder needs a lighted match to ignite such enjoyment or happiness. Below is a diagram of what ignites our happiness. However, it is only suggested estimation which may apply to most of the people who live an in ordinary life. It might differ from person to person more due to caste, creed, age, education, socialization, professor, economy, nationality, spiritually else.