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This webpage is designed and launched just for sharing some of my thoughts, experiences, interactions, activities etc. All the write ups are outcome of interaction with the society, friends, the world at large, reading books, thinking on the issues from different perspectives. It does not include anything that has
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What is a success after all? It has always been a debatable issue worldwide. Is it money, position, health (physical/ mental), knowledge/information, contacts, spirituality? Or combination of some or all of them? One cannot achieve everything not even many things. Of course, it is desirable to have a due balance of all of them. It is not that easy to achieve everything not to maintain a due balance of them. If we focus on some of them intensively, it becomes possible to gain mastery in that very area. There are certain areas like health, dignity, self esteem which are basics and must to achieve other things like wealth etc.
Success is a subjective term. Same individual looks to be successful in one’s eyes and failure in another’s. It all depends upon value system of an observer. What is his or her priority? That decides the meaning or basis of success for them. There are various/different measuring rods of success. Some are visible and some are not. Some are external and some others are internal. Some achievements sound great for others but not for the achievers and other way out. It is all a perception. With passage of time and also maturity of age and self actualization people tend to reframe their vision and redefine their life goals and meaning of achievement and success.
One of the ways of measuring one’s success is based on ‘GIVING AND TAKING’. It all depends upon whether we ‘take’ or ‘give’ more. Life in the universe, as such is nothing but a give and take game be it real or virtual. As individual progresses with age and / or achievements s/he prefers to give more to others than take from them. Giving is more desired when we head towards self actualization. When we are small, say, a child or a youth, we take more from the world. Here, the world means every one except the self. As we grow bigger or better we then give more and take less. Giving is one of three difficult and novel things any human being can do. We as human being feel good when we can do a difficult thing. This is the reason we think we are successful when we give to others than take from them. There is nothing like absolute giving or taking by an individual. It is rather a mix of the both. Question or difference is only that the ratio differs from person to person and also time to time for the same person. Self actualization is the peak of every one’s life and giving is the ultimate thing one can do to reach there. It is recommended to shift from giving to taking one after another, slowly but sustainably. Ratio of giving to taking must be tried to increase as much as possible. When we say giving it may be anything like economic, physical goods, money or equivalent, knowledge/ information, idea, advice, care, love, psychological support etc.