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This webpage is designed and launched just for sharing some of my thoughts, experiences, interactions, activities etc. All the write ups are outcome of interaction with the society, friends, the world at large, reading books, thinking on the issues from different perspectives. It does not include anything that has
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Never shaved or cut beard till 22 years of age.
Walked all the way to home in the night (8 PM to 1 AM) through a dark forest at the age of 9.
Carried a load more than own weight on the back and crossed a deep river at the age of 11.
No money Tour-Travelling country sides of Nepal, 3-4 days trip without single penny and extra clothes, once a year for the last many years.
Speechless Tour – Travel country sides of Nepal 3-4 days trip, once a year without speaking a single word many times.
For three years while in college, always wore khadidress and tyre sandle, total value of the dress wore in 3 years less than NRs. 500.00 (US$ 7.00). Price per pair of sandles NRs. 5.00 (US$ 0.07).
Survived eating only vegetables for 3 days.
Survived eating no grains (rice etc.) for 2 weeks. Ate only milk, fruits, and vegetables.
Restored almost every soured relations.
Mountain biking from Kathmandu home to Chitwan home alone in one day (down to duck).
Walked from Trishuli to Dhunche with reading a book all throughout.
Mountain biked non-stop from Kathmandu home to panauti.
Managed to fix appointments with international bestsellers authors abroad and meet them there.
Travelled standing in the bus from east to west Nepal, recently.
Wore muslim (pathan) dress at the age of 21 from 2 months.
Did 1 job and 2 business while doing undergraduate.
Extended hands of support spontaneously whenever came across any disputes or fight on the way in 100’s of occasions.
Took a nap while writing university final exams.
Managed to take a share of a meal with unknown persons in restaurants.
Gave and took lift in bike, car etc to and from 100’s of people.
Cleaned many public places like temple, resting houses etc. in Nepal.
Offered eatables like breads, biscuits to the beggars in ht e cities.
Went and taught in schools and colleges near highway while driving and when strikes took place
Grabbed and swallowed 100s of caterpillers at toddler (crawling age) in newly deforested/settled hometown , birthplace in Chitwan.
Caught 100s of Snakes (may be not that poisonous) in hometown at the age of 12 - 16, lately did it again in 2009.
Handled four income generating activities ( 2 of them full time) while doing B.Com. still scored highest marks in the batch.
Trevelled europe for about 2 weeks with exceptionally low expences.
Cleared traffic jam on the highway forming an informal volunteer group then and there for many times.
Went to the copuntry sides ate and stayed with unacquinted people of diversed ethencity and culture for many times.
Swam in many Lakes, Ponds, Rivers and Ocean in nepal and abroad. (not as professional, just as a hobby)
Travelled east to west of Nepal standing in bus with a night stay in Narayanghat (in the middle).
Did almost half of studies in travel and public transport (not sitting at home).
Never produced driving license and vehicle ownership documents in 12 years of driving.
Doing 3 different Academic University programs at the age of 40+.
Wore torn and repaired clothes every friday for 3 years while in college.
Borrowed money double of the value of whole property of the family to fund higher studies of self and siblings.
Survived with only fruits in tropical zone countries for 4 days tasted dozens of fruits.
Finished reading 230 pages book in one sitting.(never moved except for 3 times urinal)
Went to public holy places gathered unacouinted crowd there, motivated, encouraged convinced to join the campaign to clean the place in a group and it worked for many times.
Wrote over 50 pages in 3 hours exam.
Took a nap in between 4 hours long university exam.
Took friday fasting for 12 years from age 16 to age 28.
Kept sunday silence for one year at the age of 27.
Tried and succeded in borrowing money and buying on credit from unacauinted people 100s of times.
Enjoyed eating with street children in Nepal.
Offered foods not money to those who stand and beg on trafic lights, carried ready to eat snacks in car for many years.
Gave unexpectedly good money to the beggers in rich countries like USA, UK, Japan etc.