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This webpage is designed and launched just for sharing some of my thoughts, experiences, interactions, activities etc. All the write ups are outcome of interaction with the society, friends, the world at large, reading books, thinking on the issues from different perspectives. It does not include anything that has
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What people or the world at large who know about the product think about it is a brand. The whole process of creating, developing, changing and saving such brand is branding. Branding is very important for marketing strategy as important as product. Branding helps products get identified by the relevant customers or buyers. Value addition has become inevitable to create and survive any brand along with attributes of products and their other components like packaging, flavor, taste etc. It's an impression, condition, prejudice (in a negative sense) in a person’s mind as to a particular product that makes a brand. The brand once created with strategy, plan and program has to be duly managed, valuated and upgraded along with time. Sometimes, they may have to be re-branded or in a worst case some brands may have to be dumped where it's not really paying in a sense of business.

Branding is done not only to any product or service but also to a place, state, country, community, knowledge, ideology, person and so on. When we hear or think about any particular person, place, country, community, we tend to create a special imagination or impression in our mind. For example a Russian, an Indian, a teacher, a policeman , a white, a criminal, a mountain climber, a bankrupt, an addict, an ethnic Indonesian, a multibillionaire, a father. They all give a certain imaginary impression in our mind which, in fact, is not a person’s brand but just an impression of a particular group. This is the brand of that particular group where they belong to. It will ultimately contribute to the brand of an individual who is a member of the same group. Branding of an individual is very important than branding of anything else. It's nothing but marketing of an individual. When we say marketing it doesn’t always mean selling ourselves in the professional job or business market. It is rather a matter of presenting oneself to the world in the way that is desired by you to the extent you feel that you are accepted by the concerned member(s) of the society. It's a label given by the people we live and interact with. It's a slogan about you by yourself and those who know you.

Brands might have been created either strategically or unnoticed. Value creation through the right language, familiarity, intimacy and warmth is important in case of branding an individual. Human brains are wired to recognize patterns and form association. Through this process people brand us and we brand them. This way the act of building brand works. Factors like internal attributes, external influences, education, social learning, management of negative and positive emotions etc., do contribute a lot in creating personal brands. How and what we speak, eat, act, present are all that make our brand. Our deal and presentation with family, friends, co-workers, neighbor, society do, in fact, influence in our brand. We can only influence our brand through such means but can never control. We interact with many people we tend to develop many brands of ourselves due to difference in other people's perspective. However, there can be general classification like hardworking, honest, intellectual, socialized, patriotic, sophisticated, simple etc., like positive brands or fool, cheat, stubborn, like negative brand. However, it is not possible to create an absolute positive brands. More we get exposed with many people and interact with them, the gap of perception narrows down and consequently we tend to develop a common and same brand in every one's mind in the long run. If we try to see our self in third person it will give us a complete picture which will help us create our better brand or make our brand better. At the same time we ourselves need to adhere to moral and behavioral code related to that brand.

Creating a brand, maintaining it and sometimes switching or re branding needs and involves cost and time. It is advisable to think twice and analyze properly before initiating any brand so that change will not be required and consequential time and cost can be minimized. One of the ways to quickly adopt a brand is to associate with a person of a high brand and continue with the same until we gain our own. However, we need to be cautious as to the suitability with our natural qualities and our projected career. Some people remain shadowed under others’ brand. Likewise, brand may be copied from our ideal persons or role models also. However, if it is too far form our original traits it will be difficult to develop. Otherwise also, developing a brand is a difficult task whereas destroying it is very easy. A slight lapse on our personal side might cause a total damage of a brand, meaning it will convert a positive brand to a negative one. Brands are not immortal. With the change in time, social value system, change in the state of mind of a person, the brand once set tend to have died and be replaced by a new one. What's the ideal age to develop a long term brand is a debatable issue. However, it is advisable to start creating an ideally suitable brand at a young age so that one gets ample time to develop and nurture it and get return out of it by encashing the same. Whenever it is created or developed it has to be done with consiousness, due preparation, knowledge and strategy. If not done so, one finds himself not suiting to his brand or his brand not suiting to him. In this case he will have to think of re-branding which is a costlier affair then creating a fresh brand.