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This webpage is designed and launched just for sharing some of my thoughts, experiences, interactions, activities etc. All the write ups are outcome of interaction with the society, friends, the world at large, reading books, thinking on the issues from different perspectives. It does not include anything that has
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Born in Birendranagar VDC- 04, Chitwan, Nepal (a small village nearly 75 kilometer east from the middle of the east west highway, 2 kilometers north from the highway. Mother Sabitri Devi Silwal, father Lekh Mani Silwal. DOB October 14, 1968 (Aswin 29, 2025). Second child among 3 brothers and 3 sisters. Married to Ms. Biju Pande and fathered to Master Bhishan Hari Silwal and Ms. Prapti Habi Silwal. Childhood - full of struggle, care, love, curiosity, hard work, hope, appreciation bond. Teenage-full of struggle, care, love, hard work, revolution, hope, dreams scarcity, bond, work. Early youth- full of struggle, hard work, revolution, appreciation, bond, scarcity, study, all- round development achievements, exposure, interaction, perfection, rigidity rules etc. Now, life has become more wide, liquid, free, light, bright with strong gill to learn, experience, interact, struggle, work for others, read and write travel etc.

Always love books, nature, struggle, poor and needy people. Tried many crazy experiences in life. Never got anything without struggle. Self disciplined. Recovering from perfectionism. Love to travel, try different foods, meet people, create new ideas', vegetarian, non-alcoholic, non-smoking. Always thought of near ones than the self. Strongly believe- people are kind, wise, supportive, capable, if found otherwise feel hurt can't stop talking truth even if it is bitter, though I know that it hurts and kills people which I don't like. Trying to find a better way of putting my says without hurting people.

Learing to forgive the self and others but learn from such incidences. Filled with 'can do' attitude. Love fun in a healthy way. Widely travelled within and outside Nepal and wish to travel unlimited. Love to work more for others than for the self. Do not discriminate by caste, religion, border, economic status, sex, nationality, language, colour etc. Problem- attempting to support or help who do not demand or need. Source of happiness- can sacrifice the self - comfort for others needs, appreciation, can do, optimistic, hard working, creative attitude. Source of unhappiness- high expectation from the self and others', treat people more closely than they think of / behave with me. Lately realized that how we do something is equally/ even more important than what we do, for us to remain happy. Have had problems in many relations but never let it break, always attempted to restore and it worked. Never prejudiced. Got an opportunity to see the death knocking my door, survived, of course. Lucky to have experienced many many kinds of problems and scarcities, solved them, my best school for learning life. Love to face more in future. Love to make friends from different culture, age group, nationality, profession etc.

    1. Bachelor in Commerce (B. Com)
    2. Bachelor  in  Education (B. Ed)
    3. Bachelor  in  Law  (LLB)
    4. PGD in Psychological Counseling (PGD-PC)
    5. PGD in Alternative Dispute Resolution (PGD-ADR)
    6. MA in Sociology (MA)
    7. Chartered Accountancy (CA)

    I have been privileged to have gone Harvard Law School for negotiation courses, Thanks to Mr. Robert Mnookin.

  3. More  than 30 countries  around the globe. Every travel has it's purpose and is different and theme based. Few things are common in all of them-seeing the places, understanding people, culture, development, natural and architectural beauties and writing diary. The world is too small place, I feel like.

  5. East to West, North to South I have travelled in Nepal and touched, by now, over 60 districts. While travelling in Nepal I believe in tasting local foods and using local transports of any kind.

  6. TREKKING  :
  7. I have been to so many of Nepalese trekking routes right from Pathibhara in the East to Khaptad in the West. I love country life, foods and nature. Kalapatthar and Thorang pass moments are unforgettable ones.

  9. Started enterprising right  at the age of 17. By now ventured more than 12 businesses, all gave profits. Whenever I get time I do study on feasibility of various creative and new businesses. I love to give ideas to young entrepreneurs for free. I also invest in young entrepreneurs projects.

  10. READING :
  11. I read 2 books a month on an average. Sometimes, I sit with an average size book and finish in one day. I like ‘non-fictions and self helps’ type books. Reading in traffic jam, waiting rooms are my crazy interests. Reading in long hour transits long distance flights and buses are another fun.

  13. Various print, radio and TV news and coverage have been made public about my activities               including Kantipur etc.

  15. Teaching is my passion, can’t stop teaching. I have taught/ trained people aged from six to seventy. By now taught and trained over 50,000 people over a period of 25 years .Lately, I also provide training to under privileged people for fee. I can teach and train in over 20 subjects including hard and soft Skills. I enjoy the most when I teach government college students and teachers for free.

  17. I do counselling people mainly on business, education and career. This is my free service to my society and my people. In 2011 alone I counseled 780 people. I Counsel at home, at office, inside car, in phone , online, through email, at schools and colleges and work place. By now counseled over 50,000 people including information counseling  at colleges.

  18. MENTORING  :
  19. Many people, specially,  young managers, entrepreneurs and social activists remember me for mentoring. I enjoy mentoring and motivating people. I see great potential in every individual.

  20. ORATING :
  21. I do orating, mostly through social clubs and spiritual organizations. Last couple of years I have started doing prabodhan whenever people remember me. Frequent areas include relationship, success, interdependent, wise spending, karma etc.

  23.        I like people, but not necessarily agree with their each and every idea, opinion or behaviour. In that case I present my disagreement in an under stable way, more in a straight way. It’s about matter not about man. They sometimes mistake and difference grows in to dispute. I don’t let the relationship soured. I REPAIR IT. I resolve them, I don’t have any enemy Lately I developed dispute resolution as in to my profession through training, education and practice.

  24.  SUPPORTING  :
  25. I like to support people in whatever area I can. I do it by way of guiding, providing soft loan or interest free loan consultancy for small business. Finding jobs helping in business expansion, providing references; education materials, school, college fees uniform to needy students. Over 500 students are benefited through financial support. Over 500 people are supported through lending.

  27.  1. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal (ICAN)
    2. The Association of Chartered Accountants of Nepal (ACAN)
    3. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI)
    4. The Institute of Internal Auditors – USA (The IIA-USA)
    5. International Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution (under Ministry of Law and Justice) India (ICADR)
    6. Management Association of Nepal (MAN)

  29.  1. President – Lekhamani – Sabitri Pratisthan
    2. Treasurer Silwal Samaj
    3. Jnt -  Treasurer – Bharadwas Sanskriti Sambardan Kendra
    4. Special member – Nepal Red Cross Society
    5. Donor – at various charitable organization

  31. I am crazy about shopping books, be it in Thamel, Dariyaganj (Delhi)’s Sunday street sales or ordering         from Amazon.com when I am in the USA. I love to collect diverse kinds of books. I buy books not only to read but also to let other people read. I like any kind of book, ‘self help’ and ‘non-fiction’ the most. I mostly buy international best sellers. No doubt, I buy Nepalese publications too.

  33. While travelling abroad I bring some coins of that country and collect it. Lately, my son Bhishan has also developed interest in it. Comes from over 35 countries by now (March 05, 2012)

  35.  Though I have stopped wearing tie since 2007 except on special occasions, I have collected 100+  different brands and types ties in my wardrobe. The tie I have is the red colour versache gifted by Mr. Anil Pathak. Thank You Anil.

  36.    PEN COLLECTION  :
  37.  I mostly collect CROSS. I have 3 dozons of CROSS collections of different colours, designs and editions. My son Bhishan and daughter Prapti also started collecting Pens and I am supporting them too.

  39. One of the purposes of collecting books is to lend them to my friends on returnable basis as a rotating library. Friends can take books from me and return after reading.

  40.  CYCLING  :
  41. Cycling has, by now, become an integral part of my life. I have been addicted to it. I have been biking since 1999. I do daily 15-20 km ride early morning Forced holidays are the best days because I can go for long rides. I have made up to 200 km ride in a single day. I have taken ‘coach training’ conducted by IOC. Thanks to Mr. Andrew Gillott.

  43. Photography is my young hood hobby which is developing fast and stronger lately. Now, I operate Nikon D300 with 18- 200 lense in it. I love to click and capture landscape than faces and events.

  45. Lekhmani – Sabitri pratisthan (LSP) is a registered trust, where I put some of my earnings to support needy people mainly in education. We do not take donation from others. Some of the beneficiaries are the students at Badarjhula, nadi, Chitwan’s Primary School for landless people’s Children, Primary School at Taruka, Nuwakot, remot School in Dhading, Kavre, Chitwan, Kathmandu, Palpa, Lalitpur, Makawanpur etc. Support goes in the form admission and tuition fee, uniform, study material and Stationaries, books, spoots items, medical treatment etc.

  47. Networking is the most powerful tool of any body’s success. I believe in this. I give time to people. I love to introduce one know person to another and enjoy knowing/ seeing people benefiting through my reference I feel good when a person in an European city calls me to refere her/him to another person in the same neighbourhood. I maintain both social and business networks. I meet over 5000 people a year in person and at mass. I keep their contact details for my record.