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This webpage is designed and launched just for sharing some of my thoughts, experiences, interactions, activities etc. All the write ups are outcome of interaction with the society, friends, the world at large, reading books, thinking on the issues from different perspectives. It does not include anything that has
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Born in Birendranagar VDC- 04, Chitwan, Nepal (a small village nearly 75 kilometer east from the middle of the east west highway, 2 kilometers north from the highway. Mother Sabitri Devi Silwal, father Lekh Mani Silwal. DOB October 14, 1968 (Aswin 29, 2025). Second child among 3 brothers and 3 sisters. Married to Ms. Biju Pande and fathered to Master Bhishan Hari Silwal and Ms. Prapti Habi Silwal. Childhood - full of
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